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Marah Abdallah palestine , Afghanistan

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About me

My name is Marah, I have brown eyes. I am 13 yrs. old.I LUV the color purple, I also like purple with black!!!!!!! The rest of the stuff is below where my intrests are!!!!


I'm homeschooled at k12. My schedule everyday probably dosent even change. Its probably pretty much the same everyday.I wake up, do my hair, go online and do my school work, then eat breakfast watch t.v, go on the computer and after that I would go outsi


My fav group of singers would have to be the pussycatdolls. I luv their music, they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movies and TV:

I always have to watch the same movies because of my little sister and my little brother always have to get it their way. Its always either spongebob or icarly or dora. That kind of stuff.


I really started tennis only a couple of days ago, and its really fun so i think I have to go with tennis. I also luv to swim their both kinda my hobbie!!!!!!!!


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